About L&B

Laura J. Blanton

Welcome to L&B Environmental Service


With a multi-faceted, 22-year career with the County of Cooke, L&B Environmental Service began in 2017 as a side business that solely targeted Lake Kiowa.  

Lake Kiowa, a subdivision of Gainesville Texas and a privately-owned gate community, has its own governed Rules & Procedures, Bylaws, Covenants and Architectural Control Committee. One of Lake Kiowa's ACC handbook requirements state all Lake Kiowa property owners to furnish an approved septic letter for any exterior home additions or renovation projects that will not encroach existing septic system and setbacks per TCEQ 30 TAC, Chapter 285 regulations. 


L&B Environmental Service's primary goal is to continue being a part of a healthy growing community with our neighboring cities, municipalities, and counties such as Cooke, Grayson, Fannin, Montague & Denton Texas. With my 22 years' experience working for County of Cooke, the main objective is to continue to serve the people of all our neighboring cities & counties of Cooke County, TX.


L&B Environmental Service offers several types of services such as OSSF (Onsite Sewage Facilities) installation inspections installed by a licensed OSSF installer. Other services include design-engineering of OSSF systems, land & subdivision development, planning & zoning (if applicable in certain counties such as Cooke, Grayson, Montague & Denton, flood plain, TXDOT ingress/egress, property deed research & Cooke County subdivision regulation consulting.

  My qualifications, certifications and licensing background 

  • Bachelor’s degree in Environmental Science with emphasis in psychology
  • 22-year tenure working with the County of Cooke - Rural Subdivision and Septic
  • TCEQ OSSF Designated Representative – License #OS0009170
  • LIOL – troubleshooting & repair ATU, electrical controls, spray, drip, conventional, infiltration & aerobic
  • OSSFOL – TX onsite Wastewater Treatment Management
  • National Ground Water Conservation District
  • Land & Subdivision development and Cooke County subdivision coordination
  • Lake Ray Roberts planning & zoning coordinator
  • Flood plain administration
  • Environmental Health EPA investigation
  • TDH - Health Inspector
  • Evaluating Soils for OSSF Certificate #EET0377
  • 10 yr. Member of TCOG - NRAC

Thank you and I look forward to doing business with you.

Laura J. Blanton